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PAX Global Media is the leading media company serving Canada's travel trade industry. Our three websites, PAXnews.com, PAXnouvelles.com and PAXnewsWest.com, provide unparalleled news coverage of the day’s industry news and events.

Our image and video-filled articles cover important announcements, from product launches to news conferences to appointments to promotions to the latest in travel trends. All sites also feature in-depth interviews with the industry’s top business influencers and decision makers.
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Travel Jobs Platform

Canada’s top jobs platform for the travel and tourism industry

Are you looking for a job in the travel and tourism industry? Are you searching for the right candidate? Whether you're looking for a job or looking to hire new talent, PAX Travel Jobs makes it easy

Employers and candidates can stay in touch on PAX Travel Jobs, the most innovative bilingual job platform in Canada’s travel industry.

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E-mail Marketing

The best way to connect with Canada’s industry professionals

English subscribers: 16,268
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Total: 28,555

QuickPresse is the largest travel trade email distribution service in English and French Canada providing clients with targeted and measurable results.

It takes just a few clicks for Quick Presse to deliver supplier ads directly into the inbox of travel agents. From any location and time of day, suppliers can use Quick Presse to promote new products and services and special offers to keep travel advisors up-to-date.

Fast, efficient delivery of important information means no long wait times. And most important, campaign statistics are available following each email campaign so you can track results!

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